Brookfoam: Often Overlooked but Worth Finding


Some of the Emerald Triangle’s beauties are big and striking like redwood trees that draw people from around the world to see them and some like brookfoam deserve more recognition. Do you recognize this lovely little plant? Keep an eye out for it on your hikes. The scent alone is a delight worth seeking.

Cheryl Lisin from the Lost Coast Interpretive Association writes,

Growing along moist seeps, springs and streambanks, brookfoam blooms from June until August. The small white flowers have a clean, sweet fragrance which can be smelled for quite a distance, making a streamside visit all the more enjoyable.

Brookfoam grows throughout much of California and the west. Its scientific name is Boykinia occidentalis. It is in the saxifrage family along with coral bells, woodland star, alum root and piggy-back plant.IMG_5412_edited-1



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