Phone Scam Alert

Press release provided by the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

Humboldt CountyThe Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office has been alerted to a phone fraud scheme against the public. Criminals are making unsolicited telephone calls claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Department. Callers tell those who answer they have unpaid fines, or have missed court appearances, and to call back to arrange payment. Callers have used the names of actual law enforcement officers working for the Sheriff’s Department.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department does not make calls of this nature, nor does the District Attorney’s Office or any other law enforcement agency.

If you receive such a call, or believe you have been defrauded in this manner, please report the incident to your local police department or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department (707-445-7251).



  • What is the address to send payments? Couldn’t they just go bust them?

  • The real question remains :” who the fuc is the county subbing out our paperwork to?”
    Wouldn’t be the first time in california,
    The dmv sent the entire paper files for all folks of california that ever went to the dmv, down to tijuana mexico to have all paper files scanned onto hard drives, imagine all files and ssn records in some shack in tj.
    How are these criminals getting g to the phone numbers of questionable folk?
    They sure aren’t calling citizens that are free of conviction or criminal record!
    Explain this shit hcso!

    • You’re over thinking this one, Steve. They publish the arrest records everyday on Lost Coast Outpost as it is public information. It’d be pretty easy to come up with a call list from that alone. Court dates and hearings are probably public information as well.

      No need to get so riled up!


      That’s a good question, whereas some info is public regarding arrests, but cell phone numbers aren’t released with a police log. There are dirty government people in every branch and these are things they do for fun.
      Problem is they will never investigate themselves, or if they “do” nothing is ever found wrong. These actions have the stew simmering, as more and more people join the ranks of those that would like them to leave the planet and move to Mars.
      There will only be peace when the last government worker leaves the planet, until then we live with armed gangs with no morals.

  • Like always, they always use same methods since years ago. I found hundreds of complaints about these kind of scams everywhere, at Twitter, blogs, and some sites, like There’s no way police will hunt them down I think. They always come and come again with different numbers and in different states. The best way to avoid the is just don’t ever answer calls from numbers you don’t know who they are. Period.

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