[UPDATE June 16] Images From the Saddle Fire Which Is Now Over 1500 Acres

UPDATE JUNE 16 4:01 P.M.: According to InciWeb, the fire has spread to 1,530 acres and is 65 percent contained. -Oliver Cory

ORIGINALLY: Over 1200 personnel are attacking the Saddle Fire near Hyampom. The blaze which was ignited by lightning last Tuesday forced some residents to leave their homes last week though now all evacuations are only advisory. Currently, crews have built a perimeter surrounding the entire fire. However, according to the InciWeb, ” [T]he fire has not tested those containment lines in all places, and they could still be affected by strong winds and embers from the interior of the fire.”

As of 6:42 this morning, the fire has devoured 1,509 acres and is 45% contained. InciWeb stated,

Fire behavior was moderate over the night hours, assisted with higher humidity setting in over the area. Crews were able to continue mopping up in all divisions….

Fire activity is expected to moderate slightly with cooler temperatures and higher humidity…
Crews will continue to mop up around the perimeter and attend to areas of heat when found.

Below are images and video taken yesterday. The first four are by Zoe Huber and the last photograph as well ast the video were provided InciWeb.
zoe4 zoe3


Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 5.58.20 PM

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  • I’m starting to really grok why people get into propitiating gods… anything to make the feeling of drowning in futility go away.

  • Thanks for the credit, but give credit where credit is due; those aren’t my pics or video. I tried posting some, but was only able to get some links up. I was able to watch the whole northern and western front of the fire from 4200′ on Castle Rock Peak… it was a great air show with bombers, choppers and spotters, but not nearly as intimate as the pics you posted.

    I’ll try to post some more… any suggestions for posting pics from Google+?

    Thanks again.

  • We’ve correctly credited them to InciWeb now.

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