So…Guess Who Got Arrested by the EPD? One Hint Before You Peek…He Was Released Just Last Week

Omholt April 2014

April 2014 mugshot

Remember this fellow…? The one who was released on bail on the 18th? The one that the Eureka Police Department wrote a press release about—a press release asking residents to call law enforcement if they saw him “loitering and/or acting suspiciously in their neighborhoods?” Yep, that’s right, Mr. James Omholt.

According to scanner traffic late on Tuesday, May 26, at least two residents reported seeing a man in their backyards. One resident gave chase. EPD responded and helped look for the suspect. Eventually, he was captured. An officer then told the dispatcher that the suspect was Omholt.  Apparently, he fell or had a scuffle and was injured. Over the scanner, an officer described the scene saying, “…I can’t tell if he’s hurt…He thinks his ankle’s broken.”

After carting Omholt back to be identified by homeowners, an officer told the dispatcher that Omholt was to be charged with disturbing the peace and burglary.

When reached later, Officer Stan Harkness of the EPD didn’t know Omholt’s medical condition. “He’s been taken to the hospital for medical clearance prior to being taken to jail,” Harkness said.

Out on the 18th, back inside on the 26th….

UPDATE 10:10 p.m.: Press release provided by the Eureka Police Department.

Omholt, Jason May 2015

Jason Omholt May 2015

On 05/26/15 at about 9:12 p.m., Officers with the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the 3500 block of G Street after a caller reported seeing a suspicious male in his neighbor’s backyard. The male jumped the fence and fled before officers arrived.

At about 9:31 p.m., an additional caller reported that a male jumped the fence into her backyard and her husband was chasing him. The caller reported that the male was last seen near Madrone and H Streets and possibly went into another backyard.

While officers were on foot checking the area, an officer heard people yelling in the area of F and Willow Streets. As the officer began to investigate the yelling, two males came crashing through a wooden gate. One of the males was quickly identified by officers as Jason Omholt, 36 of Eureka. The other male was the resident of the property. Omholt attempted to flee on foot but was quickly detained.

It was determined that the resident had encountered Omholt in his yard and the two began to scuffle as the resident tried to get Omholt out of his yard. During the scuffle the two males went through the fence.

Omholt matched the description provided by the callers and witnesses. Omholt was not wearing any shoes and complained of ankle pain. Omholt was transported to the hospital by ambulance for medical clearance prior to being transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Omholt was charged with violation of parole, violation of probation, committing a crime while out on bail, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, prowling, resisting arrest, two counts of malicious mischief, and assault and battery.

The Eureka Police Department thanks the residents who looked out for their neighborhood by calling in the suspicious activity, however does not recommend engaging or chasing suspects.

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  • “I can’t tell if he’s hurt…He thinks his ankle’s broken.”

    Maybe that will slow him down a bit, next time they let him out.

  • Hope he had good “slip and fall” insurance…

  • Let’s hope he doesn’t kill his next victim in an attempt to avoid a long prison term. He doesn’t belong on the street.

  • Sometimes persistence just does NOT pay….

  • If he broke into a home that had children inside, they might of got in harms way. This man must have a mental condition.

  • No shit. Joe public knew this was gonna be the case but the damn judge didn’t? WTF? That judge should be charged w endangering the public.
    Glad he hurt himself. Get the f-ck out of other people’s shit asswipe.

  • I think I hear a collective I TOLD YOU SO echoing across the county.

    What’s up with this judge who let this menace go free while awaiting for sentencing? Seemed like a good time to get him started on whatever incarceration is coming. Maybe it’s time for the judge retire from the bench. Or maybe the judge knew the county would be getting the bail money when Omholt got arrested again.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Maybe we should print up some billboard material with his mugshot and the tag line “Have you seen me today? You will, Judge _____ just let me out again”. I think that will get some needed attention.

      In fact, maybe we can get some public service notices up on those billboards everyone loves to hate. Or pay some store owners for wall cover space. Put up the latest BoLos or other “wanted” photos. Get it out there instead of just photos on a webpage.

  • I find it difficult to believe that in light of the circumstances under which he was released, no local media outlet chose to follow up with any details whatsoever regarding the why or how. Who was the judge? What possible reasoning could have applied for bail to even be part of the equation when he’d already been convicted and sentenced? There’s a huge hole in this story.

      • No, I hadn’t seen that. As a rule I avoid both Chiv and WatchPaul, which in my judgement don’t convey information nearly so much as opinion. I did just read it though, and my original questions still stand: Who was the judge? Why was the bail reduced? If he was already convicted and already sentenced to 10 years but awaiting sentencing on yet another conviction that would ostensibly add to that 10 years, why in the ever loving bloody fuck would he be eligible for bail in the first place?

        And why is it that EPD could put out such a press release warning everybody about it but other than a lone nutbag egoblogger, not one informational media outlet dug in to explain what the hell was going on?

        And Kym, please understand that my diatribe isn’t directed towards you. LoCo was 10x the news source a couple months ago before you left and you are missed. And I understand that you are not exactly working with infinite budgets of either time or money. But when I look at the TS, NCJ, and LoCo, and see how much pablum they serve up on a daily basis while stories like this barely get mentioned beyond copypasta the press release…ALL HAIL THE RUTABAGA QUEEN!!! I’m all for promoting the good stuff, but in the meantime I’d like it if I could keep the zombies out of my house too.

        • Allan Dollison, a local attorney, wrote this about the story on my Facebook page, “He cut a plea deal with the DAs office, that was half his original exposure, according to reports. He then asked for a bail reduction based on the charges he plead to. The Judge set his new bail at schedule and he bailed out. So the Judge didn’t really let him out.”

  • I guess if there was a question about the condition of his ankle that the officer could make sure that it was broken….

  • This guy should have dumbass tattooed on his forehead. I bet he is one of those who would probably whiz on an electric fence more than once and never learn from it.

  • We can only HOPE that he was injured in his ‘scuffle’ with LEO. He needs to be ‘scandalized’ in Corcoran for about 35-50 years. THEN, he might understand how many people have lived in fear that they would be a victim of his illegal and scum headed rampages. This blatant aggressor needs a serious tuning up followed by several dozens of months in the SHU! A TRUE F&*kWAD!

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