Murder Charges Against Ben Carter Drismissed Yesterday

Ben carterAccording to John Chiv, a local blogger, who was present in court yesterday, murder charges have been dropped dismissed against Ben Carter. Carter had been charged with the shooting death of Zachery Chapman which occurred in April of last year. Chapman’s body was found while the annual Easter Hunt at the Community Park near Garberville was celebrated a couple of hundred yards away.

Chiv says that Carter is still being held on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm. (See the full story here.)

Carter was on the run from law enforcement for several weeks during which he contacted this reporter saying he acted in self-defense when he shot Chapman.

Below is an excerpt from the story filed while Carter was on the run. (See here for the complete story.)

Carter said he picked up the gun Chapman had given him earlier in the day and followed Chapman into the trailer. Carter said that when he entered the place, Chapman had a pistol pointed at the two women. Carter wrote that, as he entered, Chapman pointed the gun at him and said, “u get some of this too.”…

When Chapman swung the gun at him, Carter said he believed that Chapman “was going to kill me.”

“Out of fear and reaction I brought his shot gun up and discharged the single round it had in it in his abdomen,” Carter claimed. “I’m thinking he had intentions of doing something I just don’t know what… . He was slamming dope and doing heroin and shit.”

According to Carter, Chapman fell to the ground without saying another word. But, Carter says, he has a hard time remembering the details of that night. “Its kinda fuzzy like I shut down and went on auto piolet,” he explained.

John Chiv says that Carter has four prior felony convictions.

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