Former Redway Woman Pleads No Contest to Aiding and Abetting the Molestation of a Child

Although the press release says the defendant lives in Willits, at the time of her arrest she lived and worked in Southern Humboldt. Jacqueline VanBezooyen had been a childcare worker, but authorities believe that the abuse was limited to a family member.

Press release provided by the Mendocino County District Attorney:


During a morning court appearance before Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Ann Moorman, defendant Jacqueline Caroline VanBezooyen, age 49, of Willits, plead no contest to having aided and abetted the continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14. The jury trial scheduled for May 18th was vacated upon entry of the change of plea. VanBezooyen and a male co-defendant were charged by the DA in March 2014 with being criminals, either residing with or having recurring access to a child, who engaged in three or more acts of lewd and lascivious conduct with an 8-year-old child between October 1, 2005 and January 30, 2006. A conviction for continuous sexual abuse is a felony, pursuant to Penal Code section 288.5. As such, it carries a potential state prison sentence of 6, 12, or 16 years. Under certain conditions, the court has discretion to consider a grant of probation, with a term of that probation being up to one year in the county jail, in lieu of prison. The defendant will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of her life. After admitting criminal responsibility, VanBezooyen’s case was referred to the Adult Probation Department for a background study and sentencing recommendation. Formal sentencing has been calendared for July 28th at 9 o’clock in the morning in Department A. Anyone with an interest in this case is welcome to attend that court proceeding.

The attorney who handled the prosecution of this matter is Deputy District Attorney Shannon Cox. The law enforcement agencies who cooperated in the investigation that lead to this prosecution were the Yuba City Police Department, the Willits Police Department, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, and the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations.

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  • Probation better not be the outcome!

  • “Under certain conditions, the court has discretion to consider a grant of probation, with a term of that probation being up to one year in the county jail, in lieu of prison.”

    *sigh* i wish the courts would stop these “conditions” for leniency. to me, these types of crimes against children are some of the most serious crimes against society the are committed.
    these assaults upon children have far-reaching consequences for these children who will (hopefully) be adults one day.

    for the criminals who’ve convicted to have such a slight punishment as this seems another assault of the victim (in my way of thinking).

    very serious and consistent penalties across the board, please! let the punishments fit the crimes.

  • Sick individual…

  • It’s her own family member. How do you justify probation? This sick individual should have to serve the same amount of time in prison as anyone els. She allowed and partook in the molestation of a family member multiple times. How many people get probation for that? No wonder kids don’t come forward and suffer with this trauma all their lives.

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  • So Disgusting.

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