Coroner Says Reported Homicide at Buck Mountain Actually Tragic Fall

humboldt county sheriffAccording to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, yesterday there was a reported homicide at a residence in the Bucks Mountain area. However, when the coroner arrived at the rural home, he discovered that the death was the result of a tragic accidental fall.

“The reporting party thought it was a murder,” Hanson said. “Medical staged waiting for law enforcement.”

Hanson said that the man had fallen at least half a day before he was discovered by family members.



  • What did the Coroner’s report say about identifying the person who died?

    Some of us have been waiting anxiously to hear about folks we know in that area.

    Curious that no other news sites reported on this story…

    • I’ve called the Coroner’s Office again today.

      My guess as to the reason no other media outlet reported on this is because medical as opposed to criminal fatalities are not usually publicized. Because this one went out as a possible homicide over the scanner, I posted about it. Other outlets either did not get that information or chose not to post about it.

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