Lawnmower Attacks Fire Hydrant


This morning, a rabid lawnmower leapt from a pickup truck and savagely attacked a fire hydrant on the corner of Buhne and H in Eureka. Reader Jason Beaver sent in these photos showing the carnage.IMG958830



  • Mercy Me, Mabel!

    I needed that chuckle oh so very much.
    Thank you.

  • My dog saw this coming. She fears lawnmowers and blesses hydrants.

  • Don’t drink and mow.

    Er, I mean don’t toke and mow!

  • Usually quite a bit of water sprays out before they get it shut off. Was that a dead hydrant?

    • The valve is located at the bottom of a “dry barrel” hydrant, and the barrel drains dry when shut off the prevent freeze fracturing. There is easy break point and a shear linkage on the valve to prevent flooding when knocked down. Strangely, that hydrant appears to be a “wet barrel” which means that the street valve, (the plate in the street directly in front of the broom) must have been shut off.

      Just like Seamus, this photo leaves me with more questions than answers. Is there any sharp witted firefighters out there that knows why there was no flood???

      I would sure like to see more pictures and get more info. This reminds me of “Mystery theater”, and a real whodunnit.

  • My Tundra was the real culprit of the hydrant decapitation…of course only after getting t-boned by a lawn service truck with a heavy trailer who failed to stop at his red light.. really glad nobody got injured…this article lightened up an otherwise miserable monday..thanks kym


      I was going to say that there is no way a composite deck mower could do that. Great pic, thanks for sharing- glad you didn’t get mowed down.

  • They probably have one of the check valves installed on this hydrant. On wet barrel hydrants, they sit just below the hydrant and slam shut when the hydrant is knocked off. They’re putting them in alot of places in Humboldt nowadays. Looking at Street View on Google Earth, this hydrant looks like it has a check valve installed.

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