Bobcat Beauty

Bobcats are one of the rarely seen mammals of our area. Being mostly nocturnal and cautious, humans don’t often see the spotted creature. Approximately twice the size of a domestic cat, the bobbed tail and tufted ears help distinguish it from the smaller feline.

This handsome one was videotaped last July by Ann Constantino. If you have a photo or video of a local beauty whether flora or fauna you would like to share, send it to



  • Beautiful! Thank you!

  • So awsome!!What a most amazing animal.thanks so much for sharing.

  • What a beauty!! We had a visit from one on Saturday morning.

  • A couple of years ago we had one sitting in the front yard just staring at the house. Our neighbors found out the hard way that these guys really love chicken. One of the strangest encounters I’ve had was a cat sitting next to the road on Hwy 299 at Berry Summit watching the traffic roll by.

  • Cool! More, please.

  • Yet another reminder of my blissful days in the middle of nowhere. I saw these guys every single day. They compete with blue herons for gophers.

    Listening to the neighbor’s weed whacker just now, my nostalgia for the silence is killing me.

  • Kim, your “handfuls of home” section is wonderful, and Ann Constantino’s videos make it even more so. Incidentally, she used to spend all her time mentoring and teaching kids at South Fork High. Must be retired now, but obviously still sharing her time and talents productively with the rest of us. No bobcats up here on our crowded little lot in Trinidad, but a pileated woodpecker is a permanent resident a few steps away at Trinidad State Park. My dog and I disturb his solitude almost every day on our early morning walks. No oaks nor big leaf maples nearby either, and I miss the high country in SoHum. Can’t beat it at this time of year. We do have whales –I’ll take a cue from Ann and try to get some GoPro videos next time I’m out in the kayak. Speaking of wildlife, it’s good to hear from Ernie Branscomb as well.

  • Tulip Torpedo

    Love those cats.

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