[UPDATE 7:20 a.m.] Half Eureka Was Dark Last Night

Eureka PoliceAccording to a spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department, “Half the city was dark for a couple of hours” last night. Power was out from I Street west to Broadway and from 5th Street south for a ways. Power was out from just before 2 until around 4:30 a.m.

At least one person heard an explosion and an EPD officer saw “a bright light in the sky.” The loss of electricity caused multiple alarms to go off throughout the city. The spokesperson said that “it might have been a UFO” but “we’re assuming it was a blown transformer.”

PG&E has been contacted with a request for more information.

UPDATE 7:20 a.m.: According to a PG&E spokesperson, 7500 customers were without power from 1:36 a.m until 4:27 a.m. A bird is believed to have “come in contact with an energized electric line and equipment.”

The spokesperson said that the special animal safe equipment can be retrofitted in areas to protect the animals and to keep outages from happening. The company, she said, will be investigating to see if that is the appropriate response in this case.



  • Thanks Kym…as always, you beat LOCO. You have a great site, BTW. It’s so nice to come in here and not have all the trollers. Sometimes you just want to be in the know and read civil comments.

  • Evie Gustafson

    We had the same kind of crazy power outages the night before, only ours went out and then back on and out again. I had to reset my clocks twice. I’m glad it hasn’t been anything serious, yet.

    • Oh good . glad to know someone else noticed the night before too. mine went out then flickered on and off for a bit then browned down to complete black out for about 3 hours. I did call pge and they sent me a text alert when back on and stated cause was damaged pole. I had heard an alarm going off in the neighborhood for quite a while right afterward and a siren as well. firetrucks and others up and down rd during night . strange two nights in a row.

  • Orleans and Somes Bar still without power! 🙁

    • Here’s what I found out. According to PG&E, a little over 500 people are without power. The cause is trees in contact with electrical equipment. Estimated time of power coming back on is 4 p.m.

      (Sorry, there isn’t better news.)

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