Women in Cannabis

Press release provided by California Cannabis Voice Humboldt:


On Sunday May 3rd at 6Rivers Brewery at 1 PM come join the CCVH-Woman’s Alliance and help protect our heritage and way of life for generations to come. Unite with other like-minded women who envision a prosperous future for Humboldt County’s residents by rallying our community around an economically and ecologically sustainable cannabis industry.

We are honored to host Aundre Speciale, a longtime cannabis activist and the founder of CBCB, the Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley and Liesl Ann Finkler, general manager, at the THCA dispensary in Arcata.  These women are crucial in connecting patients to good medicine and we will have an opportunity to hear how farmers and medicine makers can create the best working relationship with dispensaries. This will be an exciting and informative class and we are so lucky to have them share with our women’s alliance.

Our next speaker series will be in Garberville at Amillia’s on May 20 at 6pm.  Speakers and content TBD.

Stay tuned for more updates, events and volunteer opportunities by signing up on our website or liking our Facebook page.

Come, listen to speakers, share your voice and join the CCVH- Women’s Alliance.



  • Wondering why there was so little news coverage locally of the Cannabis Conference that was held last weekend at the Arcata Community Center.

  • Unfortunately It makes things bad for everyone…CBCB BERKELEY has no CA incorp papers at all at all!

    • Please explain what you mean by “It”. As far as I am aware of there is no law that says any small business or organization must incorporate. Operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership is a valid option. And why should how the CBCB chooses to organize itself affect the operator’s message on the topic of the meeting?

      • Amazing they share a last name as unusual as Speciale. Could there possibly be a personal beef at play here? Yes, Virginia, there could be.

    • This is a fake profile. He is a pretty well known troll.

  • Is this the same Cannabis Buyers Club that was charging $80.00 an 1/8th oz. during the height of the A.I.D.s catastrophe ?

    • No, this club comps meds every day. The compassion program is a gem at this dispensary. Above and beyond what I have seen. Go, check it out. Perhaps some of the local families who are comped all of their meds for epilepsy, cancer treatment, etc will chime in here. In fact, Aundres speech is called “Love is the bottom line” or something along those lines…

    • No! This is the same CBCB that provides medicine for free to patients suffering from any illness. During the AIDS epidemic, there were no dispensaries…Dennis Peron was the person who fought valiantly for access for AIDS as well as ALL patients.

  • I was talking about Peron’s operation. I stand corrected. Same name different folks. Sorry about that.

  • Im a Bohr and youtube channel DOCTORLEONSHABUBU
    When you get a business permit ONE DOEN’T LIE to local govetmment. I am both city of Berkeley Comissioner of Homeless Youth n Potclub Politics. Aundre and I are in a game of magic n witchcraft n love n drug dealing 20 years. See http://www.specialeclass.com Her last owned club Abatin Phytologie Oakland has suspended Ca incorp papers. All ASA CLUBS are tax evading liars. Support 40 Acres a 42 year old black community owned club THE ONLY LEGAL CLUB IN BERKELEY. btw i was Berkeley Salvation Army music director 12 years. I had a 500.00 a day uncut heroin habit n was married prior to my present marriage to Ms.Bohr-Speciale into the Chicago Al Capone mafia and was a violent Roman Catholic. Aundre made me into a Buddhist n vegan n a good person. Debby Sadler is a communist dupe.

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