Temporary Bridge Just South of Klamath on 101, Traffic Slowed to 35 MPH

tempPress release provided by Caltrans:

Motorists driving on U.S. Highway 101 just south of Klamath will be diverted onto a temporary bridge while Caltrans addresses subterranean drainage issues under the roadway.

At Waukell Creek, located approximately two miles south of Klamath, a failed culvert 50 feet below the roadway surface produced a sink area under the road’s surface. The bottom of the 50-year-old metal culvert pipe had rusted out, allowing Waukell Creek to erode the earth around the culvert, causing the roadway above to cave in on itself.

Caltrans assembled a prefabricated temporary bridge in the southbound lanes to span the collapsing earth. The bridge will remain in place while the northbound lanes are removed and a more permanent project is built to address the issue of the culvert failure.

Traffic will be slowed to 35 mph as motorists cross the temporary bridge, and pedestrians and cyclists will be detoured around the bridge along a clearly-marked route.

Caltrans will continue to divert traffic onto the temporary bridge until U.S. Highway 101 can be restored to four lanes of traffic.




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  • Age. Getting old. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves that stuff wears out. Animal, vegetable, mineral, mox nix, tends to tug. And roads shrink! Roads that were considered boulevards in my youth seem almost too narrow for two-way traffic now. I can’t fathom that they’re actually smaller and wonder if it is overgrowth of bushes and trees by the road giving me this impression, but that can’t be it because on lots of those streets there’s only lawn by them. So. Things that are the same seeming to change and things that are old requiring repair and things that were and aren’t and things that are and weren’t… sometimes it feels the most like someone switched realities on me while I was asleep.

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