Suspect in Coast Central Bank Robbery Today Believed to Be Carrying a Firearm

Eureka PoliceBrittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department confirmed that officers are still on the lookout for a suspect in this afternoon’s robbery of the Coast Central Credit Union at the Bayshore Mall where a man made off with an undisclosed amount of money. Officers were dispatched at approximately 3:45 p.m. to the report of a 6 foot tall male in his late twenties with dark hair and thin build wearing baggy jeans who had handed a note to a teller demanding money. At the time, it was believed the suspect was unarmed. However, at about 4:45 p.m., an announcement went out over the scanner that after reviewing surveillance tape, a detective believes that the suspect possibly had a “firearm at his waist.” Officers are now being advised that the suspect may be armed and dangerous.

In addition, an officer discovered the red hat and thermal shirt that the suspect was wearing during robbery had been discarded in the Walmart parking lot. So officers are no longer looking for a suspect wearing those items.



  • He probably is staying out at the greenbelt behind Walmart.


    I don’t know,

    seems CCCU steals more from the community than this person could have ever taken from their place of business.

    Printing money off deposits at 10 to 1, in some ways one might cheer on the person stealing from those that steal.

    CCCU isn’t what they claim to be.

    Honestly, I hope the person returns the money by jamming it in the tail pipes on the cars the exe drives.

    THAT WOULD BE COOL IN SUCH AN OLD SCHOOL HUMBOLDT WAY, who couldn’t laugh, but bankers?

    CCCU isn’t a nice place of business, imho.

    LMAO and sending up a prayer for Robin Hood!

    • I’m interested: What does CCCU do wrong? Beside paying hardly any interest – but seems like all banks/credit unions pay hardly any interest.


        Like I said, they go out of their way to not write loans. It would be like a lumber yeard that doesn’t cut wood.

        I’m slowly debanking and checking out.

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