Man Assaulted with Hammer

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, a 30-year-old man was assaulted with a hammer by another man on Myers Avenue in Myers Flat just before 5 p.m. today. An ambulance is responding to the report of serious injuries.



  • Attacks, home invasions, murders, SoHum just seems to be collapsing.

  • The person who did this has a long history of violence and mental illness. The first time I encountered him he was kicking another boy (this was 8 or 9 years ago) in the head til he was unconcious. I am not clear on why he is not in jail or prison. The sheriff comes to Myers Flat once a week on average, just for this guy.

  • Myers flat is where it’s at,…
    Is what at?
    The meth?
    The crazies?

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