Emerald Grower’s Association’s Hezekiah Allen on MSNBC

Humboldt County’s Hezekiah Allen, Chair of the Emerald Growers Association, appeared on MSNBC’s Greenhouse yesterday. The subject matter of the interview isn’t new to Humboldt viewers and there is the definite wince factor as the host mangles Hezekiah’s name (he graciously doesn’t correct him–either that or he’s been graciously not correcting me.) However, the video is pretty short and worth watching–seeing growers through an outside prism is an interesting exercise. Click the video and let us know what you think of this.



  • Kia did a very credible job in his MSNBC interview and, as you say, graciously ignored the host’s mangling of “Hezekiah”. For crying out loud, who doesn’t know how to say “Hezekiah”? If Kia had more media experience, he would have been able to communicate a lot more information in the amount of time he was given which, in today’s world, was a lot. But, you get experience by doing, so “good job”, Kia.

    • Cognitive interference from names like Ezekiel leads many to emphasize the second syllable, it’s not that hard to understand.

  • I’m very impressed with Hezekiah’s performance–articulate, concise, fine delivery. Overall a worthy spokesman–keep up the good work, of which there is much to be done.

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