Watching Joy

We tend to ooo and ahh over the big animals and the predators but, come on…, watching this little bobber is delightful!

Thanks to Ann Constantino for this ode to joy.



  • Kyms mascot, the Red Headed Black Bird. lol

  • I just love those little guys!

    My wife and I used to feed birds outside the siding glass doors on our upstairs bedroom deck railing. One day an acorn woodpecker showed up. All the other birds left instantly, they didn’t even challenge the woodpecker who soon became king of the feeder. Woodpeckers lay their heads sideways to scoop up seeds.

    The next year two woodpeckers showed up, sometimes together and sometimes alternately. Later in the year we looked out in the tree next to the feeder, there on a limb was momma bird and daddy bird standing both sides of three obvious fledgelings. The parent birds were carrying on like the woodpecker in the video, while the three fledgeling stood there stonefaced. It was like they were telling them “This is where you come for lunch”.

    We had to stop feeding birds. Our yard became a jungle scene of fauna at it worse. We had coons fighting, possum lurking, we heard animal noises at night that we couldn’t even identify. It sounded like a jungle war zone night and day. It took several years for critters to stop showing up and keeping us awake all night. Now it’s just the just the all night breeding-age-human parties in the valley that keep us awake all night. Maybe I’ll go back to feeding the birds.

  • Haven’t seen one in ten long years. They really are entertaining as heck, and gorgeous. Thanks.

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