Updates From the Bluffs


A large crane laid metal netting on areas of the Bluffs between Redway and Garberville today. County Roads closed the busy thoroughfare in late February when rock kept falling. Several vehicles were struck.

Denton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works explained that crews will be done hanging the net today.” Next, he said, there will be “a couple days of running cables down to tie it all together. And after that we have a bit of cleanup.”

Carrick is not ready to give a date for reopening but, he said, “Barring glitches, hopefully, we’ll be open soon.”

UPDATE 5:07 P.M.: Speaking of glitches…Denton Carrick called to let us know that there will be one more day of hanging the metal netting.

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  • justanotherhumboldthunny

    just found your new blog Kym… I LOVE it!!! just what we need- news from someone who cares and digs deep to find the hidden truths. thank you for what you do for the community. <3

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