Dogs Attack Jack the Ruth Donkey


On April 17 about 2 P.M., Crystal Hurley with her daughter and daughter’s friend drove by Jack, a donkey, that lives just below Ruth Dam. They usually yell greetings at him as they pass. But this time, what they saw horrified them. Jack was being attacked by what Hurley says were two brindle pitbulls and, in spite of trying to defend himself, he was injured.

“We turned around to chase the dogs off and they would not leave. We had to go for help,” Hurley explained. A neighbor, “a full grown man with a road side construction sign in his hand,” tried to disperse the two canines. One of the animals, the female, became aggressive towards the neighbor.

“The female [dog] was willing to take on a human,” Hurley explained. Eventually though, the two animals were driven off. Hurley described the two canines as brindle pitbulls–one a female with a green collar, one a fully intact male with a red collar.

“This is really not to far from where the stray dogs were shot on Buck Mountain, explained Hurley. “Stray dogs [are] not good. Babies are getting ready to be born…cattle that free range out there are getting ready to have calves.”

Jack received injuries to his face and leg. The Trinity County sheriff was called and Jack’s owner was notified.


“We stopped to see Jack on the way home…,” Hurley said. “He was doing ok and happy to see us.”
Still, Hurley is concerned about the dogs running free. “I’m very concerned as these dogs did not want to stop even once we stepped into the field,” she said. “The female was still going after Jack and she took an aggressive posture with the man who helped.”
Please, folks, keep your dogs at home. You may think they are sweethearts but they can maim and even kill other people’s pets and wildlife.




  • I love dogs, more than most people, but those two should have been shot. Owner allowing two pit bulls to maraud don’t deserve to own dogs.

    • I totally agree. And I’m a huge dog lover but that kind of dog kills other dogs and possibly children.

      • The owners are the ones that should be shot. Dogs are the product of how their raised!! I’ve raised several pit bull dogs and they are some of the most loyal and obedient canines there are!! Don’t get me wrong, but now because these two have a taste for blood there’s not much they can do but put them down, and the owners should have to pay restitution to the owner of the donkey as well as spend a fair amount of time in jail!!

  • I would have no problem shooting a couple of dogs doing what these two dogs did. Once they get a taste for blood, you cannot trust them anymore. Too bad these people did not have a permit to carry. They could have stopped it a lot faster. And the fact a dog was willing to try to maul a person is more so the reason to carry, not just for dealing with two-legged cockroaches which this county is already infested with anyway.

    I am glad the donkey is OK now. He did not deserve to get attacked.

  • I am a dog lover and a pit bull owner, but I would have shot both of these dogs.
    It is negligent owners like this that give pit bulls such a bad rap. 🙁

    Hope they find the owner (fat chance) and fine him and hold him liable for the injuries to Jack.

  • I hate reading stories like this. Only one solution for those dogs, a bullet to the head. They will keep acting like that till they are dead.

  • This is why pitbulls on the run get shot.
    Pretty simple, if your pitbull is on the loose it gets shot.
    Remember that.

  • I do have to say that this story is about loose dogs and irresponsible dog owners. The fact that it was two pitbulls is just coincidence. We could not find the owners of these dogs as the closes neighbor was a half mile away either way you went. None of these neighbors owned these dogs. For all we know they came off the top of South Fork Mtn. Point being is that loose dogs cause problems. Be responsible and keep an eye on your dogs. My daughter and her friend where horrified as was I and the neighbor I thankfully found home. Jacks caregivers showed while we waited for the sheriff thankfully we only had to tell them he had injuries and he wasn’t dead. These dogs had to be ran off twice by myself and the neighbor.

  • The owner of these dogs deserves harsh punishment. First these dogs must be destroyed ! Second, the owners must serve jail time. third….if these dogs bring about the death of a human, the owner must and shall be charged with voluntary man slaughter, 10 to 25 years in prison . that will detour other criminal dog owners.

  • Poor Jack! Damn greenhorns letting their unruly dogs loose!

  • AND they leave a swath of marauding pit bull mixes in their wake! I had to go to eastern Oklahoma last December. Not only were there packs of them roaming there, but Interstate 40 was littered with their corpses… and one limping badly but still going… ALL clearly pit bull mix and a LONG way from residential areas.

    WHAT in the heck is WRONG with everyone? Too many people wanting vicious guard dogs and taking NO responsibility to keep them contained. It’s just downright nihilistic and stupid-verging-on-insentient and it’s epidemic.

    And, thank heavens there were people around to save Jack.

    • One problem is that pit bulls have HUGE litters.

      • Pit bulls are depressing. Sometimes darlings, and frequently awful. I sometimes browse the websites of animal shelters to see who’s out there needing a home. I’d do it more often, except every single time there are more pit bulls and pit bull mixes on there than any other breed… even basic mutts… and it gets me down. So you must be right about the size of their litters.

        There were two at the house in OK where I had to go take care of an emergency situation for a friend. His mother was dying of cancer and he couldn’t get there as fast as was needed. One of the pit bulls was a two-year-old female. VERY friendly and not yet a real threat, but definitely starting to get the dead-eyed thing when you’d try to make her mind… like it was passing through her head to object in an ugly fashion. The other, a stone cold killer who’d only come “home” to refuel and rest up for his next killing spree, but totally mellow around the house. Just killed for the fun of it. Not hungry. Actually, spoiled rotten. Pampered.

        He sometimes brought the bodies home to show off… which was what clued me in. Son hadn’t known Mom was lying about him, thought the neighbors were all dog torturers who should be lined up and shot.

        I had to tell him his mom was way worse off than he thought. Had to take her to the hospital shortly after I got there. She stayed in the hospital for six weeks. So I ended up driving four thousand miles to take her across the street to the hospital, have a killer put down and house sit for ten days before he got there to take over.

        Turns out the neighbors were her source of pit bulls. They’d adopt them and when they turned killer, tried to break them by beating them nearly to death with the corpses. That IS successful with killer dogs about 20% of the time, and they didn’t want to do it, but they couldn’t bring themselves to outright kill them either. Their crazy old neighbor, my friend’s mother, freaked out, took the beat up culprits, fed them mountains of food, pretending the dogs were angels and the indians next door were psychopathic drunk brutes who mangled dogs for kicks.

        The treatment had worked on the female, though I’m not sure for how long, but the male just jumped out of the fenced yard and went on his sprees regularly, and with abandon. Everyone in town was trying to kill him but she’d been scaring them off him with her shotgun for years.

        This did explain why everyone seemed to hate me there. I thought it was my California plates. But, no, it was my association with the killer-harborer that was the problem. Really small country town. Word gets out fast there. After I took care of the culprit, people were calling to invite me to dinner and trying to make sure I was invited to all the holiday parties. Complete one-eighty.

  • That’s what a 12 gauge slug is for! Pow pow and your crazy unleashed dogs are dead!

  • It’s harder than you think to just shoot these kinds of dogs and you have to be at the right place at the right time. We’ve lost quite a few livestock this year from dogs and we’ve all been carrying on our ranch. Everyone needs to keep their dogs home. I also think we all need to start policing each other and call animal contol for your neighbors loose dog or at least talk to your neighbor who doesn’t keep their dogs home. We’ve got to turn the tide on this problem

  • Thanks Chrystal for helping Jack. I own a property nearby and my kids love to visit Jack with apples in hand. They would be very upset if he was killed in such a vicious manner. We are only there in the summer but the thought of wild dogs is disturbing while young kids are around.

    • KL. I wouldn’t of had it any other way! No animal deserves that, I wish I could taken care of those dogs. But the best I can do is get the word out to locals and people from town who visit. It’s very important that situations like this are no longer overlooked. We are so glad Jack is ok! We’ve gotten updates all day that he is being checked on very regularly.

  • I hate this happening to such a sweet innocent Animal/ Poor Jack 🙁 I hope his owner moved him… otherwise they might finish the job next time!

  • It’s so horrible to see him hurt like that. People need to be responsible for their dogs, this poor boy didn’t deserve to get hurt like this. If I was in this situation those dogs would be shot, no questions asked. You have the right to defend your animals that’s the way I feel if I was in this position. I’m glad that he got medical treatment. Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to just run on their own. I do hope the owner is found of these dogs I feel that the owner of this poor boy that got hurt should get paid back the cost of getting care for him.

  • Sadly I agree with previous posts. These dogs should be shot on sight

  • Jacqui Bonnifield

    I , agree totally about the free ranging pit bulls . I have a neighbor whose giant mastiff just got killed by two pit bulls ! I am a animal lover including dogs and DONKEYS, I have two female asses. One large standard and one Mammoth used for packing and riding . My Mammoth ” Peanut ” had wounds like this or worse when she was still a baby ! Tangle with barbed wire while frightened by a bear or Mtn lion one night. Looks like Jack should be just fine, it will take awhile for the hair to grow back………however, what worries me is the shape of his front feet . Looks like they need attention , ie , TRIMMING. Could be a symptom of founder too. Is Jack too fat ? does Jack have a fat or fallen crest ? I hate to be nosy, but have experienced this too and it can be hard to keep a handle on. Most Donkeys just are not designed for our rich spring grass. I saw a fat donkey with terrible misshapen hooves in PV last fall that is probably now dead because the owner was irresponsible , lazy, or just plain ignorant……..NOT THAT I AM SUGGESTING THIS IS THE CASE HERE. Just a cautionary note. I truly hope JACK is just fine !!

  • Saw Jack on Saturday and he is fine!

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