[UPDATE 8:57 P.M.] Man Trapped in Overturned Truck South of Miranda Onramp on Hwy 101

mapAccording to CHP dispatch, very little details are known about an accident which occurred about quarter to six this evening. However, there is a silver truck overturned in the southbound lanes of Hwy 101 south of the Miranda onramp.

Dispatch shows that there were people trapped in the vehicle but how many and if they have yet been extricated is unknown.

For the latest information, follow this link. We’ll be attempting to learn more.

UPDATE 6:51 P.M.: Dispatch is reporting what looks like two patients taken from the wreck. The first, at 6:25, was sent to Redwood Memorial Hospital. The second will be transported to Santa Rosa.


UPDATE 6:58 P.M.: A passerby said that the wrecked vehicle has been loaded onto a tow truck. There were still emergency vehicles in the area.

UPDATE 8:57 P.M.: According to Cheyanne Bernard of Miranda, she was the first person on the scene of the accident. “I was leaving work headed towards Redway. I saw something in the road. I could hear a man screaming help. I stopped and I ran over to him.” Another man stopped his vehicle and helped Bernard as they attempted to free the man from his truck.

The man was unable to get out at first. Bernard said they eventually had to cut him out of his seatbelt with her knife.

“The engine was still on and leaking fluid,” Bernard said, “We were worried about an explosion.”

The victim told Bernard that he had swerved to avoid another vehicle and then flipped.

“He had minor injuries, I would say, said Bernard. “He didn’t have any lesions on his head. He had a lot of lesions down his arm….I think his left arm was out the window.”

Bernard said that she was sure that in spite of what was reported on the CHP site there were no passengers. The driver was the only person in the vehicle.



  • can someone please tell me if it is a full size truck?

  • It looked to be full size

  • Silver four door Nissan there was one victim his name is Ken he even stated he was alone, your details are wrong. I responded to this man before chp was even called. I was the one who helped extract this man from the vehicle i am a nurse and can tell you he has no head injuries and no concussion however will need attention to his left arm as it seems he had it out of the window when he wrecked.

    • Cheyanne, a CHP spokesperson isn’t available to answer my questions. Would you be willing to talk to me about what you saw? mskymkemp@gmail.com

      • Thank you Kym for the update. Im truly amazed that this man was not further injured. I truly hope i encounter him again when he is well as I’d love to talk to him and shake his hand. I may have helped save him but his cooperation and help to his abilities is truly what saved him.

    • I apologize i am a nursing assistant with nursing training i started to further onto an LPN however did not finish the training and get certified, i have nursing knowledge however. I should have better worded my last comment as it has upset a friend of mine who truly did bust her butt in nursing school to become certified. But none the less having training and knowledge does not make anyone certified unless the training is finished.

      • Cheyanne you are a New York State Certified Nursing Assistant certified by the NYS Department of Health as a nursing home nurse aide. As well as having two 2 year A.S degrees, one in Human Services and one in Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Since many of your courses were geared towards careers in health care you are not far from completing a nursing program. You definitely have experience in safely moving geriatric patients from your work experience in Nursing Homes. Don’t down play who you are to not offend others.

  • Yes. I will tell anyone and everyone the whole story because i dont want the wrong story going around.

  • What happened to the vehicle the other one?did they stop after causing this??

  • For this accident involving one victim no one stopped i was the first to stop there was no one even driving on the freeway at the time i must have got there right after it happened as far as the other accident that happened i have no info.

  • Most of us want to help when we see a person who needs help, But everyone needs to remember, that in a traffic collision such as the one last night, when it is obvious that extreme trauma is possible ( the truck was a small Nissan on it’s roof) that maximum caution should be taken to secure the victim’s cervical spine (head and neck). Just a slight movement could be all it takes to complete a spinal fracture and paralyze the victim. Unless there is imminent danger of fire, it is best to wait until medical first responders (firefighters, EMTs, paramedics etc.) arrive at scene. Call 911 and help the patient to remain calm and as still as possible. The pain may be intense for the victim but the alternative to remaining still could be a life time of paralysis.

    George Monroe
    Chief, Myers Flat VFD

    • I understand that if the situation were any worse i would have waited however the engine was still on and leaking fluid what if i waited and the engine blew? This man could have been dead. As a health care professional it was my first instinct to get this man out as quickly yet safely as possible i could not just turn away a man genuinely yelling for help, his neck was steady and supported throughout the entire extraction.

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