The-Oh-Boy-I’m-Glad-This-Didn’t-Happen-to-Me Photo Moment

The Zenia Bluffs tried to eat another semi. About 10:40 Wednesday night, CHP dispatch sent help out to a semi truck driver whose trailer was trying to take a dip in the waters below Dobbyn Creek Bridge.


The poor driver, who came clear from Texas needed a bit of help. (The curves in that area are a tad bit tight.)Dobbyn3

Luckily, crew from Humboldt County Roads and a tow company were there to help. The tow truck, which came all the way from Ukiah, hooked to the back of it with a winch and drug it up onto the road.

Dobbyn4Hey, you SoHum folks, when you see the County Roads guys working today… Tell them thanks. They got called out at midnight to clear this. They were up all night and now they’re working again all day.


All photos provided by Zach Harrison.



  • What’s a rig like that doing on those back roads at night?

  • Same bridge, same problem… time after time… Maybe a big “Trucker” sign…

  • A few years ago I had a couch delivered from Restoration Hardware from Santa Rosa to Alderpoint. They were hours late. I asked them what happened and they said GPS told them to go on Bell Springs road , then into Old Harris Road to AP. It was a big truck. When they were going to leave they were going to Eureka via AP road to 36 to 101. Crazy! I told them to go to Garberville and then up 101. You would think they would study a MAP or ask customers what is the best way to get there.


      Blame Skynet!

      Why people rely on gps in areas with terrible gps coverage is beyond me. Rural people need to be alert to the dangers of having delivery trucks come to their property when the drivers rely on this technology.

      After my experience with gps delivery trucks I’m left to ponder just how much damage is done out there because of this. I was sent a $250 check for yard damages, but I’m certain the damages each year have to be in the millions. If my wellhead was wrecked a new well would have been $10 grand, the garage door nearly taken out would have been $500, windows that could have been broken by flying rocks would have been hundreds of dollars!

      Reading your story makes me feel not so alone and I believe this to be a national trend. Drivers, use common sense, don’t rely on gps in rural areas- instead use HUMAN INSTINCTS!!!

      Rural folk- this is a great concern and be very careful when shopping online! Contact the company and explain the terrain, make sure the driver understands gps won’t work in your area and drive like a human does. We will be in big trouble when driverless cars hit the roads! Those of us living in areas without cell/gps coverage will have those things coming into our living rooms while they are trying to find Las Vegas!

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