[UPDATE: Road OPEN!] Semi Truck Stuck… Again… on Dobbyn Creek Bridge

The narrow Zenia Bluffs Road snagged another semi truck on Dobbyn Bridge near Alderpoint tonight. About 10:40 P.M., CHP dispatch received a report of a semi truck that is “too big for the road.”  This is a common problem with large trucks getting stuck every month or so. (See a 2013 incident in the photo below.) Frequently, it will take hours to get the truck clear.

All lanes are currently blocked. Good chance they will be blocked for awhile. Get the latest updates at this link.

UPDATE 6:18 a.m.: Road open! Denton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works called to let everyone know the road is now open.  Thanks to his crew for working on this last night!

Dobbyn Creek

Another semi truck in trouble in 2013. [Photo by Marty Messenger.]



  • I have had to turn Walmart trucks around on the AP road between Bridgeville and Blocksburg. Helloooooo they need to start reading maps.

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    Many of these drivers run on gps. I no longer have fedx deliver anything to my place, because their drivers are so focused on the gps instructions they have stopped driving like humans.

    The first strike on them with me was driving up my side road, up a small rise, hit mud, slid down nearly hitting my garage door. When I asked, wtf? They claimed it was the gps! This was in an unmarked fed x truck!

    The second strike was one dark winter evening I was shaken by the sound of revving engines and spinning tires. Looking into my backyard I noticed a fedx truck stuck on my lawn area, rooster tailing mud, grass, and rocks onto my home and well house. I came outside, asked wtf, to be told the gps brought them there!

    The third and final strike was another winter evening where yet again the sound of rocks hitting my home, revving engines, and loud music brought me outside to find yet another fed x truck up in my backyard rooster trailing mud, grass, snow, on the well house and my home. This time it was serious because the fed x truck was straddling my well head, engine screaming, tires spinning, sitting right on top of my well head! Seeing this nonsense made me very angry when told it wasn’t THEIR fault they were parked over my well head, but it was the fault of the gps! I took the keys away from the driver, made them get out of the car and go sit down inside where it was warm. The driver kept repeating over and over that the gps did it, they were sorry, sometimes the software takes them to the wrong place, etc.
    Long story short, we used two quads and a rhino to pull the truck safely away from the well head, down out of the back yard, and back onto the road. I told the driver to wake the f up and start driving like a human- it would take a couple weeks to fix damage to a well like that, not to mention the grass and mud all over my home and well house. I should have taken a picture of it, because the well house looked like a sod home! After the driver refused to admit THEY drove up there and got stuck like a city guy trying to milk a goat, I made the decision that fedx is no longer allowed anywhere on the property.

    When I called corporate about the incident and damages, I was told that sometimes the gps doesn’t work in rural areas and they would send me a check for the yard damage ( $250 ). I cashed the check and take great caution when shopping online, making certain that UPS will be coming to the property. UPS has never had an issue, drive safe on the road, don’t spray mud and grass all over my home, nor have they ever parked over my well head.

    My point is people are relying too much on tech when it comes to doing normal things. Years ago if someone drove up into your backyard and got stuck over your well they would be FIRED! Nowdays, it’s the gps fault, or MINE for not having a fence around my back yard to stop them from driving back there.

    I’m going to speculate that the driver was running on gps and it took away their human instincts. It’s a very serious issue if you give it thought for a moment. I believe someone could hack the fedx gps and give commands to drive into homes, or create other forms of property damage- kinda like swatting, but in a delivery truck way.

    When I read about drivers doing silly things due to gps it reaffirms that Skynet is active and the world is starting to turn in favor of the machine.


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