Sunday’s Stabbing in Eureka–“Ongoing Argument Over Drugs”


Officers collect evidence at scene of Sunday’s stabbing. [Photo by Oliver Cory.]

On Sunday afternoon, emergency personnel and law enforcement responded to a stabbing on Del Norte Street near Albee Street.  Today, Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department followed up with more information on what occurred after one woman was sent to the hospital and law enforcement put out a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) for another. Powell said, that an “[i]nvestigation revealed that two females were in an ongoing argument over drugs.”

However, Powell said, “The female with stab wounds signed a no further action form and was released from the hospital that same day.” The BOLO was dropped for the other woman and law enforcement is no longer seeking her.



  • Is that David in the picture with the hat on?

  • What is a “no further action form?” And how does that lead to no charges against someone who has stabbed someone else? A crime is an action against the state, a violation of state law. It does not belong to the victim. There are civil remedies available to the victim, which are not available to the state; but criminal remedies are the exclusive property of the state. I don’t know which is worse: having a woman stabbed on the street, or having a woman who is stabbed not wish to have her attacker prosecuted.

  • Interesting! I wondered the same thing. I’ll have to ask Brittany.

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