Patients Burned in an Explosion–Mediflight Responded

According to scanner traffic, at approximately 7:25 p.m., medical personnel responded to a report of three individuals burned in an explosion on Thunder Mountain. The area is west of Hwy 96 between Somes and Orleans.  REACH helicopter is on its way but it could be after 8 p.m. before it gets there.

UPDATE 8:50 P.M.:  Mediflight has lifted off and is on its way to Redding.

UPDATE 9:02 P.M.: Hoopa ambulance is on its way to Mad River Hospital.



  • Humboldt Commuter

    Seems like a lot of explosions of late,, was this another Butane Extraction or Meth Lab?

  • Looking for answers……..I smoked pot when I was young, in my 20s. I am much older now and way out of the loop. I know new stuff comes up all the time…. so can somebody please tell me what DABS are, gotta know.

    • Just think, strong hash.

    • If only there was a way to research anything by just entering information into a computer. Oh man I would be rich. All I need is a catchy name, Goohoo?

    • Esther Randleman Yale

      rban Dictionary defines it as “bho (butane hash oil), a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil. also an adjective to describe the mind state of those who smoke bho or ‘dabs’”.Jan 8, 2014


    We watched the helicopter land in the field, according to neighbors; sounds like they lit a burn pile with something highly flamable in it. Unfortunately it looks like some foks got hurt. best wishes to these people.

  • It had nothing to do with drugs. It was a little dooryard fire that we were burning some paper trash in. The best we can figure right now is that an arisol canister somehow got in there.

  • So praying everyone will be alright!!

  • Tugboat: look up BHO (butane hash oil) on google – and if you wanna see some amazing pictures, look up BHO labs (image search)

  • The crew from “Reach” is an amazing group of people!!

  • This had nothing to do with drugs, people. A pile of paper garbage was being burned and unfortunately an aerosol can was apparently hidden in the pile and exploded. Prayers for the family and the little boy who got 3rd degree burns.

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