Property Taxes Due April 10

Humboldt CountyAre you one of those whose heart seized up when you saw the headline that property taxes are due today? You knew you should have mailed them earlier but…

(Or are you feeling smug and organized? Good for you.)

If you forgot and don’t want to race to town today, you can pay online. Check out this handy-dandy information put out by the Humboldt County tax folks here.

Also, don’t forget that income taxes need to be filed by the 15th.




  • Lazy Skunk Ranch

    Sad to think that in America you really don’t own your property, but the state does. Property taxes, like income taxes go hand in hand with the Federal Reserve Act which followed Roosevelt declaring The United States bankrupt, making it illegal for Americans to own gold, stealing the gold coins that made our once great country a place with strong markets, and using the labor of the people as debt collateral in a program called Social Security.
    The last president that tried to abolish the federal reserve was John F. Kennedy and he was murdered on the world’s stage for his attempt to free his country. Here’s his speech minutes before he was killed by bankers that will not let the country fall from their grasp and have enslaved the people:

    Right after his murder the bankers pulled the remaining Constitutional currency from the pockets of the American People, silver coins.

    May God rain fire down on anyone that collects taxes.

    • Property taxes are for the county, aren’t they? That’s who i send mine to.
      How small is the unit you would find acceptable as a government? I can see opposing sending dollars to distant Washington, D.C… i can even see how paying Sacramento and other California citizens might chafe; but you really don’t appreciate county-level government and services? You don’t use the library, or the roads, or public parks, or appreciate the efforts of law enforcement… you’re not happy that people are required to control rabies by vaccinating their dogs?
      It’s quite a stretch to link the payment of property taxes–a very small pittance; the assessors are very generous–for local services with supporting whatever the federal gov’t supports. The very fact that you have property to tax shows that you might be of the class of people who are able to give a little back for the good of all. Many people resist voluntarily giving the traditional suggested 10% tithe, so the county takes a measly 1% by law. Why fight that, Lazy Skunk?

      • Lazy Skunk Ranch

        Rural people don’t get positive services, only more regulations, taxes, permits needed, etc.

        American Values are owning your property, not renting it from the state.

        May God’s wrath fall on anyone that feeds themselves from taxes, it’s the most Anti-American thing anyone can do. Real Americans don’t force people to pay for anything by holding property hostage.

        Don’t blame me, I voted for Hitler.

  • When I paid my government rent last week I noticed a pie chart in the window showing where our property taxes go. 60% to schools and 10% to public safety. Really? California has the third worst government school system in the nation next to Arkansas and Hawaii and they take 60% of our tax money. Unbelievable.

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