Caltrans Workers Remember Their Dead


A traffic cone was placed for every Caltrans fatality in the northern region since 1921. [Photos courtesy of Caltrans.]

Caltrans workers in Eureka gathered with members of the public and representatives of other agencies today to remember those who died in the line of duty. The meeting is particularly heartfelt as yesterday a Caltrans worker had to be extracted from his vehicle with the Jaws of Life near Williams after a big rig struck his truck. The worker is expected to recover but those memorialized today did not.


Workers listen as the cones are placed in memory of the fallen.

Listed below are those who died:

James D. Archer / Maintenance Superintendent / 1921
Cone placed by Fortuna Maintenance Supervisor Robert Chase

C.A. Turner / Laborer / 1927
Cone placed by Maintenance Manager Dan Ramirez

Earnest Hames / Equipment Operator / 1944
Cone placed by Equipment Operator Ed Holgersen

Orrin DeWar / Equipment Operator / 1946
Cone placed by Equipment Operator Gareth Ehrhardt

Weldon Edgmon / Equipment Operator / 1946
Cone placed by South Area Maintenance Superintendent Marty Sills

Donald H. Jacobs / Equipment Operator / 1953
Cone placed by Highway Maintenance Worker Dave Mason

Charles L. Eslick / Equipment Operator / 1956
Cone placed by Orleans Maintenance Supervisor Antonio Alvarez

George M. Leatherwood / Sr. Highway Engineer / 1957
Cone placed by North Area Construction Manager Susan Tappan

Wallace L. Chapman / Asst. Right-of-Way Agent / 1958
Cone placed by Senior Transportation Surveyor Don Campbell

George W. Stavig / Maintenance Worker / 1964
Cone placed by Special Crews Maintenance Superintendent Paul Johnson

Reno E. Redding / Maintenance Worker / 1968
Cone placed by Maintenance Staff Services Analyst Katie Pelascini

Stanley W. Gorden / Maintenance Worker / 1969
Cone placed by Central Area Maintenance Superintendent Butch Crawford

Daryl M. Tallman / Maintenance Worker / 1969
Cone placed by Equipment Operator Josh Hensley

Arthur L. Boone / Maintenance Worker / 1972
Cone placed by Manchester Maintenance Supervisor Dan Kornegay

William Abarr / Equipment Operator / 1983
Cone placed by North Area Maintenance Superintendent Weldon Hailey

Daniel Broeske / Engineering Technician / 2005
Cone placed by Ukiah Maintenance Supervisor Karol Petsch


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