Suspect Chased in and out of Bayshore Mall Before Capture

Aubrey, Aaron 4-15Last night, April 7, about 7:24 p.m. a wild chase occurred at the Bayshore Mall as Eureka Police officers pursued a suspect wearing a white athletic jersey in and out of the mall several times. According to Eureka Police spokesperson, Brittany Powell, an officer on foot patrol spotted warrant suspect Aaron Aubrey, age 23 of Eureka, enter the mall. The officer attempted to apprehend Aubrey who fled.

Powell said, Aubrey ran “through several mall hallway entrance/exit points but was ultimately detained without further incident in front of TJ Max at 7:34 p.m.



  • What’s he suspected of?

    • Ed, I should have asked. I didn’t. EPD alleged in 2012 that “Aubrey is also a documented member of a local criminal street gang and he was on parole for possession of a controlled substance and on probation for resisting/obstructing a peace officer. “

  • Once again I recognize a junior career criminal by name. Previous stolen car and heroin busts. Law enforcement seems to be able to nab them. But the court’s aren’t able to hold them.

  • Lazy Skunk Ranch

    Double chins and machine guns – 1
    Some guy- 0

  • Lots of gangsters in The mall recently. I think they figure that the mall has security and the police won’t come there and find them.
    I do almost all my shopping online recently avoiding the mall

    • I do a lot of online shopping too… However it really sucks waiting for that box of Twinkies to arrive and I’m usually past it by the time it gets here…

  • Hope he remembers to have his frequent visitor card punched on the way into the jail. After 6 visits he qualifies for a free “707” neck tat. Although it should be an ankle bracelet.

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