SoHum Restaurant Featured in New Sunset Book


“In the slightly 60’s throwback, frontierlike town of Garberville, breakfast is a crucial part of the day,” begins the page of Sunset’s new book Eating up the West Coast that highlights the Woodrose restaurant. The book highlights road trips, places to eat, and recipes with bright photos and quick, clear descriptions. (On the other hand, it shies away from mentioning marijuana as the economic engine of the area with a sly reference to “… the other local industry, which involves a more tender plant variety with many magical properties, some of them medicinal.”)

While the release date isn’t until the 28th of this month, the Facebook page of the Woodrose offers a sneak peek at some of the local offerings. Huzzah for the local establishments featured!



  • I’ve eaten there a few times over last 12 years I’ve lived back in Humboldt and it’s always been delectable (oh I hope thats right word) organic and very very tasty!!!!!!

  • Woodrose went WAY down hill since the change of ownership.
    Quite sad really.

  • The Woodrose has improved 100% since the new owners took over. The food is way better and mostly organic. The best change is in the wait staff – always competent and Friendly (unlike in the past.)

    • The staff is flakey and the food is terrible.
      I don’t believe we’re talking about the same place.
      Way down hill.

  • I worked for the past owner for 20 some years. She was one of the worst people I’ve ever worked for. I hear nothing but good things about the new owner. I hope they do well.

    • Please explain why you would work 20 years for someone you describe as the “worst” person.
      Seems like you must of been the problem.
      I’m sure the new owner is good people, it’s just the food that is over priced garbage.

  • Did they mention the fourty dollars that breakfast is going to cost for one person,…??
    The house of burgess is a way better meal at a way more reasonable price!
    I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT Is TIRED OF Getting Pulled Over THE Table BY ALL OUR Local vendors,.. Did YOU Know Rays GARBERVILLE IS Highest Nationally Grossing stores?
    Rays garberville charges more for groceries than rays in kona hawaii!!!

  • Woodrose is great if you like to pay $30 per person for generic tasting breakfast with no originality.
    I remember that place being decent years ago, not any more.

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