Garberville Redway to Remain Divided for Two More Weeks

Information from Supervisor Estelle Fennell’s Facebook page:

Despite recent heavy rains, County workers and the crew from Hi Tech Rockfall Construction are making good progress on the repair work at the Bluffs between Redway and Garberville. Work on replacing damaged culverts had been completed. Due to more rockfalls, additional scaling needed to be done to bring down more dangerously loose rocks.

redwood drive slide

The bluffs above Redwood Drive as seen in late March. [Photo provided by Denton Carrick.]

This week, in preparation for installing a large metal net on the affected area, crews are clearing trees and brush from the top of the cliff where some of the anchors will be located. They will also be drilling anchor locations and then installing and cementing them in place. (The cement/mortar used to secure the anchors needs to “cure” for several days).The mesh net is currently being custom-manufactured and is scheduled for delivery to the site by Friday, April 18th and work to install the net panels should begin the following day. I spoke with local Roads Director, Steve Finch, who told me that the contractors are confident the net installation should progress fairly rapidly. With that in mind, we are hoping that the project could be completed in a matter of a few days after the net is delivered.

I am very aware of the impact this extended road closure has had on local residents, businesses and visitors alike and want to thank you for your patience as we work to make this section of road safer and more reliable than it has been for many years.

We are lucky to have the Highway 101 detour available and the traffic increase on that section of highway is very obvious. Please drive carefully and be mindful of oncoming traffic when accessing and exiting 101 at both ends of the detour.


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