Stunning Rainbow Photos

Falling in love with the North Coast all over again! These beautiful rainbow photos offer proof that we are some of the luckiest people on the planet. Photographer Dan Sayre took these lovely images on Tuesday from a plane flying over our blue, blue waters.

Sayre caught this breathtaking shot off the mouth of the Mattole River.Rainbow air!

And…he captured this rain squall sweeping across the ocean towards the mouth of the Bear River (south of the Eel and north of the Mattole.) Those clouds carrying much needed water are headed towards a faint rainbow in the lower corner of the photo. Makes sense…during this drought, our water is like gold.

rainbow water



  • Beautiful job Dan!

  • Quite amazing photos, especially the storm coming in. To me, the wild beauty of the clouds and water makes even the rainbow seem a little pedestrian.
    Say, Kym, can we start a page of people sending in their own rainbow photos? (Did we already do that over at LoCO?–oh, yeah, 9-25-2014, there’s a thread with people’s rainbow shots in the Comments section.) Well, we can’t have too many rainbows, can we?

  • I would love to see folks sending in rainbow shots. Like you said…can’t have too many rainbows!

  • Thank you, Kym! (This one was already posted on my Facebook, but people seemed to like it.) April 7, 2015, near Elwyn Lindley Bridge, Mattole Valley.

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