And The Winners of the Emerald Cup Are…

Here are the winners from California’s longest running medical marijuana Emerald Cup.  The Cup was started as a friendly competition between neighbors and has grown to become a major trade show that sold out the Sonoma County Fairgrounds with around 10,000 attending Saturday alone. 

The Cup encourages growers to up their game–become better at growing, curing and presentation. In a secretive business, this chance to see multiple final products is a unique education for growers and the public alike.

There were several different competitions but the bud contest draws the most entries and the most interest. Number one in both the Breeder’s Cup and the Emerald Cup is Jose Pianato with Sweet Serenade. This Indica/Sativa cross was bred and grown in Mendocino from a seed. Below is a photo taken of a sample bud for CannCast (This reporter is speculating that this small bud is a section of a larger and better manicured bud.) A photo and test results for many entries can be seen on their website. 

Go here to see more information about the winner.

Place Entry # Collective Cultivator Strain

Below is the Judges’ list which includes the compiled description (often somewhat comical or horrifying depending on how seriously you take the reported flavors which include dirty armpit, tangerine, cinnamon toast, pre-school locker room and some kid pissed his pants.

1st 9 HHF Joe Peinado Sweet Serenade

solid big buds densely packed with crystals – cardamon and eggnog, zabaglione, rich full flavor, cherry turpentine, subtle changes throughout the joint, big expansion and a clear mental high. Good for creative focus.

2nd 164 HHF Mean Gene Mendo/Aficionado Black Lime Reserve

Big Brachs Beauty

Strong gasoline smell

Comes in waves

Go here to see more information about the second place finisher

3rd 347 OrganiCann,SRosa Star Cheese

Emerald Green & light brown hairs firm bud

poopy deep stink/roasted peppers/very strong/rose lavender/ dried mango w/a touch of mint/delicious all the way through

Open headed high/happy thinking person’s high/put me in a space zone & got me really high

4th 24 Peace In Medicine S Rosa Juan Lopez SFV-OG (San Fernando Valley OG)+

Blue Power

tight trim loaded with golden trichomes

super strong pine&mothballs

Stinky minty dirty armpit – & it tastes like it smells! Tastes stony

loose jaw and brain spiral/ vibratory head stone/good social weed

5th 470 HHF Terp Hogz Zklittez

Symmetrical shape tight trim

smells like Tangerine juice and tequilla with some lime

tastes like candy cane/full smoky rich flavor

nose ticker/full-headed high

6th 570 HHF 3rd Gen Family & Dyingbreed Zklittez #8

Seeds & Terp Hogz

Hairspray and tangerine

7th 505 HHF Tar Hill Cannabis Reserve

Sparkly sticky dark green frosty coating

smell: chocolate hash with raspberry sauce/fruity&fuely

Tastes like it smells plus piney/peppery butterscotch

Clear head and bright eyed

8th 82 HHF Pearly Sweetcakes Clementine

Tight bud and good trim/bright orange hairs

smell lemon bars & naugahyde

tequilla aftertaste/key lime pie/airplane glue/stinky socks – phew!

Slow down and feel good!

9th 611 WonderLand, LA Karl Witt & Eden Farms Durban Poison

Pretty girl with big brachs

smells like yummy peach brandy – intoxicating

taste apricot nectar &old books/very smooth month aftertaste/smoked to the very end

full body take off on 4th hit/strong sensory awareness and big fun

10th 301 (288?) HHF Mean Gene, Mendo Cherry Limeade #9

Blonde inside tight firm bud

Smells like tangerine/cinnamon toast/pre-school locker room(& some kid pissed his pants)

Tastes like grapefruit and cherry

Clearheaded high


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