Breaking News: Two Shot Out Hwy 36

Reportedly, two individuals have been shot and are located at widely different points along Highway 36.  A report of gunshots fired came across the scanner around 8:45 p.m. According to the subsequent scanner traffic, one victim, a female, was said to have been wounded in the arm in the Church Lane area of Carlotta Swain’s Flat. Scanner traffic indicates that the woman appears at this point to be stable. 

About 9:00 p.m. a report came across the scanner of an individual with a gunshot wound to the back in the Swain’s Flat Outpost area . Scanner traffic indicates that this second individual is believed but not confirmed to be the shooter of the woman in CarlottaGoogle maps indicates that the distance would take approximately 15 minutes to travel. 

Medical personnel staged in the Swain’s Flat Outpost area–staging means they wait at a distance until the scene is found to be safe by law enforcement. Law enforcement has now indicated that the area is safe for medical personnel.

The Church Lane area has also been cleared by law enforcement so that medical personnel could tend to the woman.

We are following the scanner and will update as more information comes in.

An earlier version of this post erroneously identified Carlotta as the place where the woman was wounded.


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