[UPDATE] Downed Power Lines Close Redwood Drive Near Dean Creek

A truck was stuck between downed powerline and fallen tree. [Photo by Bryan Norkunas bryan@pv-cables.com]

UPDATE 11:50 a.m.: According to Denton Carrick from Humboldt County Roads, two utility poles are down and the road is estimated to remain closed until 2 a.m.!


Original post:At approximately 9:15 this morning, stormy weather in Southern Humboldt caused a tree to collapse onto Redwood Drive between Redway and Dean Creek. A powerline came down with the tree trapping a truck between the downed line and the downed tree. The road is closed and CHP dispatch indicates that that it might not be opened for hours.

Humboldt County Roads is headed to the area to assess the situation. 

Almost 1500 people are currently without electricity. However, PG&E is on scene and accessing damages.


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