Humboldt Is to Weed What Napa Is to Fine Wine


Local growers have said it for years, “Humboldt is to great cannabis what Napa is to fine wine.” But now NPR is saying it, too, in a piece about youthful travelers working in this county’s marijuana business.

“Snip, snip here. Snip, snip there. Scissors drifters everywhere.” With a song from Humboldt County’s Camo Cowboys playing in the background, NPR Youth Radio reports on trimmigrants. Like migrant workers in Napa, the scissor drifters come with their own set of problems not always appreciated by the locals. (Maybe someday we’ll see solutions like this one, which was implemented in wine country, started here for our own migrant laborors.)

NPR Youth Radio was here in October gathering information for the story. Now our unique local phenomenon and very own coined word are apparently going to gets their few minutes of fame on All Things Considered tomorrow afternoon. 

Above is a trailer for the story.

Let the raucous commenting begin!


Full disclosure– this reporter provided photos and background for the story.


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