Fortuna Police Warn of Scam, Provide Audio of One Call

The Fortuna Police Department (FoPD) warns that two people in their community have contacted them with similar stories about a scam. Law enforcement believes there might be more victims who haven’t reported the situation. In each case, a man called a local resident and claimed to be an officer of the law. The voice message left (listen below) is distinctly threatening.

The truly criminal behavior might be the caller’s odd way of sliding between a southern and a Swedish accent. One moment, he’s sounds like TV’s version of a grits-eating, Yankee-hating sheriff and, the next, he’s a member of ABBA. Judge for yourself what strange regional quirks could produce the sounds coming from this man.


When Fortuna Police checked out the number on Google, (see image below) they discovered that the phone number and the scam are regular offenders. The FoPD warns people to be cautious about calls like this. “A quick [G]oogle search can identify many of these calls as scams,” says the law enforcement agency.




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