Humboldt Hears a Hatching: A Bay Eaglet Emerges

 Pip hole appears in an egg. [Photo from the Humboldt Bay Eagles’ Nest taken today by Sandra Hunt-von Arb and first shown on the eagle’s Facebook page.]

The Humboldt Bay Eagles’ nest is getting a lot of attention today as hatching approaches for two eggs laid about a month ago. One egg (shown above) is pipping. The tiny eaglet inside is using its egg tooth to chip an escape hatch in the pale container that has been its home for over 35 days. The pipping egg is believed to have been laid on March 19th. Watchers are looking for the other egg which was laid March 22 to begin hatching soon.

Paparazzi and nature lovers are glued to their screens gazing at the show and sharing observations here. The hatching process can take over a day as the tiny creature must rest between attacks on the hard shell surrounding it.

A microphone attached to one camera allows an occasional peep of the tiny creature to be heard by listeners around the world.

Will you be tuning in hoping to watch and hear this yearly miracle?



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