Ford Commercial Being Filmed on the Avenue Today and Tomorrow


Ford ad from the company’s website.

According to Caltrans, there is a Ford commercial being shot on the Avenue of the Giants today and tomorrow. There will be traffic control in the area of the shoot.

Casssandra Hesseltine, Film Commissioner for the Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission, explained that there was a bit of secrecy surrounding the exact whereabouts as car commercials can be sensitive. Sometimes new models are being filmed and the maker doesn’t want anyone releasing photos of their product before they are ready.

Hesseltine asked that people refrain from looking for the shoot. “We want to maintain [Humboldt’s] reputation as film friendly,” she said. “We don’t want to discourage any commercials.”  

“We totally acknowledge that it is fun to watch,” she said, but, in addition to possibly having a new product that they are trying to keep under wraps, the film shoot involves driving a car and “we don’t want an accident to happen because people got in their way.”

She promises that all the movie buffs will get their turn in the future. “If it is a fun film shoot,” she said, “we will go public with it.” 

Hesseltine will only say that the shoot is in Southern Humboldt–Which is not a big reveal because the Avenue…it doesn’t make it even as far as central Humboldt.

So, there you have it… . There will be traffic control on the Avenue today but we can’t tell you where because that would give away the big secret.  If you get stuck in traffic lines, don’t blame us, we were totally willing to spill the beans.


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