SoHum Students Get Awards at the County Science Fair

Jonathan Archibold, an 8th grader at Salmon Creek Community School near Miranda stands with Mason Cabral and Drake Savage also of Whitethorn Elementary. All three Southern Humboldt students were honored at the Humboldt County Science Fair this month.

The Humboldt County Science Fair took place this last week at HSU. Young people from around the county participated. Five students from Southern Humboldt schools were recognized at the awards ceremony.

Virali Patel and Lily Arnoul from Redway Elementary School received a medal for their project called “Feel the Burn.”  Drake Savage from Whitethorn Elementary School received a medal for his experiment titled “Coca Cola-Beverage or Biohazard?”  Mason Cabral, also of Whitethorn Elementary, received a medal for “How Clean Is Your House?”  Jonathan Archibold from Salmon Creek Community School received special recognition from the Audubon Society for his research on “How Does Weather Affect Birds?”  


Redway students, Virali Patel and Lily Arnoul, (standing to the right) wear their new medals.

Thanks to Shanna Archibold for the photos and assistance preparing this story.


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