Southern Humboldt County Roads Impacted by the Heavy Rains

A clogged drainpipe has flooded the intersection of Thomas and Salmon Creek Roads. (Photo provided by a reader.) 

 Southern Humboldt county roads are beginning to show the affects of the rain which has poured down in the last twenty-four hours. Salmon Creek Road has a large flooded area where it intersects with Thomas Rd. Marty Messenger from County Roads noted after working on it for hours, “I’ve got flooded signs out. That’s the best we can do tonight.” He explained that the gutter was silted in. “It’s the first good flush we’ve had,” he said, and drainpipes here and elsewhere are choking up with debris.

“Hopefully,” Messenger said, “we’ll get a little reprieve so I can get the doggone thing cleaned up.”

However, heavy rains are predicted through the evening and into the next day. This could affect other county roads. Redwood Drive, which already saw a substantial rock fall today, could have more problems through the night. 

“If we get any substantial rain tonight,” explained Messenger, “we’ll have problems. I might have to shut the thing down.”

If you must go out tonight, drive carefully.


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