Woman Pardoned for Humboldt County Burglary

On Christmas Eve, Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 127 individuals convicted of a variety of crimes including one woman from Humboldt County, Arlette Adelle Wendlandt (Large). According to the Governor’s Office, those pardoned had “all completed their sentences and have been released from custody for more than a decade without further criminal activity.”

People who have been convicted of a crime in this state may ask for a pardon.  They must complete a minimum of 10 years without any further criminal activity once they have been released from probation or parole.

The pardon allows the recipient to once again serve on a jury trial, own a gun (in some cases), and gives certain other benefits.

According to her pardon, Arlette Adelle Wendlandt (Large) a resident of this county was sentenced in 1995 for burglarizing a home and taking “food to feed her children.” Wendlandt, who has reverted to her maiden name, Large, became the Executive Director at Humboldt Recovery Center in 2012.


Below is the pardon:


Hat tip to Channel 3 News.



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