Everyday Heroes–Woman with Cancer Warmed by Assistance of Local Gas Company Workers

Yesterday, a local woman undergoing treatment for cancer, Korée Mathais, found out that she had no gas, no hot water, and no heat. Her company, according to her, had made a mistake and she had run out. She asked for help but, according to her, the company refused to come until Monday.

In desperation, she went to her mother’s to spend the night. RHBB found out about it and emailed Blue Star gas manager, Dennis O’Sullivan.

This morning, O’Sullivan and another Blue Star worker, Dan Keller, drove out to Mathais’ home, hooked up a 25 gallon gas tank and refused pay. The house is heating up right now and so is the hot water.

Sometimes it is the huge, dangerous things people do that make them heroes. Sometimes it is the couple hours out of your life on a cold Saturday.

When contacted for information for this article, O’Sullivan said, “Really no need for a story, Some things just make you feel good.”

Nonetheless, thank you, Dennis.  Thank you, Dan.


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