Big Rig Spilled Lumber Across 101

(Photo by Chris Anderson. Thanks, Chris!)

UPDATED with this photo at 2:13 P.M.: Photo by Christopher Okey.

UPDATED with this photo at 1:17 P.M.: Photo by Stephanie Swiinger.

UPDATED with new photo 1:15 P.M.: Driver walked away shaken but unhurt according to the photographer below.

UPDATE 12:57 P.M.: Diana Totten, SoHum resident just traveled through says ten to 15 minute delays. The lumber is scattered about 900 feet. Most of it is in the southbound ditch and truck and trailer are overturned on the road still

UPDATE 12:50 P.M.: Traffic is moving but slowly

Original Post:101 is currently closed [at Benbow] but soon will open to one way controlled traffic.  A semi overturned around quarter after 12 and spilled a truckload of lumber across the entire road.  

CHP dispatch is reporting that soon the road will be opened to one way controlled traffic. Follow dispatch here.

LoCO will update as soon as possible.


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