Reports of Law Enforcement Convoys

Lt. Steve Knight of the Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Office refused to comment on reports of law enforcement convoys seen in several areas this morning other than to say, “Our officers are out today serving paperwork. I can’t say much more than that.”

Readers reported a convoy gathering at the Riverwalk in Fortuna around 8 A.M. Another sighting had a Humboldt Co. Sheriff convoy heading south at Stafford around 8:30 this morning (probably the same one).  That consisted of approximately 10 vehicles, several of which were 4-wheel drive trucks with trailers.

LoCO also received a report of another convoy headed north from Laytonville just before 8 A.M. containing over 10 vehicles with Mendocino Sheriff markings as well as Dept. of Fish and Wildlife insignia.

UPDATE 9:15 A.M.: KMUD writes on Facebook that received word a little after 9 A.M., that a “white helicopter with a blue stripe landed at the Eel River, Piercy site, a location used for law enforcement staging in the past… .” 

UPDATE 11:15 A.M.: There have been multiple reports of a convoy (at least 8 vehicles) headed out Elk Creek Road which runs east off of the Avenue of the Giants. 

UPDATE 2:49 P.M.: Courtesy of KMUD News,

Civil Liberties Monitoring Project receives calls about low-flying helicopters and law enforcement convoys, they called KMUD News with the consolidated report this afternoon around 2 pm. Here’s the latest: “A convoy of approximately 10 law enforcement vehicles are parked on the Eel River-bank near Piercy. 

At 9 am, A white helicopter with a blue stripe landed at the Eel River, Piercy site, a location used for law enforcement staging in the past. 

A black helicopter with white landing skids and a suspended net is also flying west of the Eel River, and an airplane is flying the Bear Pin Ridge area, about 1 mile south of Piercy as well as flying north of the Piercy area. 

Meanwhile in Humboldt county….

Law enforcement are reportedly working up Fruitland Ridge, 22 miles northwest of Redway. A convoy of 10 vehicles was sighted in the Fruitland Ridge area this morning. 

AND, 4 black SUVs with a trailor were driving west on Briceland Road this morning. 

And a little fire reminder….

The fire that started around 6:30 am, in the Miller Creek watershed, is contained but Calfire is still mopping up. Expect fire engines on the rural roads and possible air-craft in the Miller Creek, Seely Creek watershed. 

To report sightings such as these, you can call the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project at 923-4646.


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