Fire Merger Ends in Ashes

Press Release:

On June 18, 2013 the Arcata Fire Protection District Board of Directors voted to discontinue discussions with Humboldt Bay Fire Authority for proposed shared administrative services including the position of Fire Chief.

Although the Humboldt Bay Fire Authority is disappointed in this decision, as we believe it would have benefitted both of our communities, we will continue to follow the mission of our organization and aid our partners in the region. Humboldt Bay Fire Authority is committed to providing help to Arcata Fire Protection District as needed. We will continue to work with the AFPD to improve operational and training agreements.

Arcata Fire Protection District had initially approached Humboldt Bay Fire Authority for contract services. The proposal would have merged two administrations, saving the taxpayers of AFPD $100,000 in Fire Chief salary and benefits and $40,000 in duty officer reorganization, at the same time providing additional officers and an additional fully staffed engine with three career firefighters to the AFPD on every fire response. The merge also would have aided the taxpayers of Humboldt Bay Fire Authority through the shared reduction of administrative costs and provided access to administrative personnel between both agencies.

Humboldt Bay Fire Authority will continue to provide Leadership, Vision, Integrity, and Service to the Humboldt County Fire agencies.




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