This Grain Is Just Right — A Visit from the Three Bears


Former County Supervisor Jill Duffy had a visit from the wild yesterday.  She says that bears come by her home fairly frequently even though her family keeps garbage and other food stuff out of the animals’ reach. “This happens every year,” she explains. “They’ll raid through.” To her family, it isn’t a problem. “We enjoy watching the wildlife,” she says.

Her family takes precautions but, she explains, “The one sort of thing we do that is sort of tempting is have grain for the horse.”  Last night, the bears got into the bucket and began eating her horse’s dinner. 

Even though the bears were encouraged to move along, they finished the bucket of grain and carrots.  Now, Duffy says, she’ll have to start feeding her 33 year old horse in the morning. Meanwhile though, LoCO readers get a lucky glimpse of some of Humboldt’s largest mammals.


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