Man Convicted of Driving Under the Influence

Humboldt District Attorney’s Press Release:

On 4/16/2013 a Humboldt County jury returned guilty a verdict today against Delbert Lee King for driving under the influence and a finding of true that he refused to submit to a chemical test as required by California law. Further, Mr. King admitted that he had a prior conviction for driving under the influence within 10 years of this offense.

Mr. King was observed driving from a gas station in Hoopa in the evening hours on October 27, 2012 and he appeared to be highly intoxicated. Mr. King was contacted by the Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department. As it appeared as though Mr. King was intoxicated, the California Highway Patrol responded to investigate.  

He performed poorly on the Field Sobriety Tests; admitted to consuming alcohol; and refused to provide a chemical sample as required. Upon arrest, officers located alcohol in his vehicle.

Mr. King was sentenced to serve twenty (20) days in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility; to complete the multi-offender HART program and was fined $3,121.00.
This case was prosecuted by David Nims and investigated by the HVTPD and CHP.

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