Holi, Holi, Holi–Celebrating Spring

HSU students celebrate spring.

Guest Photo Story by Mark A. Larson

Students at Humboldt State University participated in Holi, a Hindu festival that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring on Thursday afternoon, March 28. The celebration included applying different colored powders (representing spices used historically) and water (via buckets and water balloons) to each other on the parking lot and lawn of the Multicultural Center on campus…

Marilyn Paik-Nicely, director of the Multicultural Center at HSU, said:  “Asad Haider, a senior at HSU, planned the Hindu Festival event as part of the Pan Pacific Islander Week events. The event is celebrated by everyone around the world, not just Hindu, and I had seen a movie about it once and thought it was a great idea. The goal is to have everyone throw colors and have fun.  The colored powder represents spice powder originally used in the festival.  Asad researched a source for the organic, non-toxic powder. It made sense to hold the event here at the Multicultural Center because of the big parking lot and lawn.”

A variety of techniques were used to apply doses of colored powder to each other by students at HSU on Thursday at the Holi Festival celebration.

Kayla Shaw, a senior at HSU, daubed color powder on the face of Matt Rosen, a junior at HSU.

Caught in mid-splash.

Kayla Shaw, a senior at HSU, and Matt Rosen, a junior at HSU,  paused for a break  at the Holi Festival. 

Buckets full of fun.

Stephanie Littlefield (center) reacts in anticipation of yet another application of water and colored powder. 


Kayla Shaw, a senior HSU student, paused while covered in colored powder at the Holi Festival. 


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