Perilous Plunge Bobs Up and Down

All photos provided by Mark Larson of Mark Larson Photography.

This weekend’s event to raise money for the Discovery Museum, the Perilous Plunge, brought in $10,000 less than last year. In spite of the shortfall, museum director Lynn Langdon says, “We consider it a success…The community came out in a big way…This gets the word out in a big way.”  She says that she has already had a family come to the museum to enjoy the site that learned about the place from stumbling accidentally on the Plunge this Saturday.

“We want to thank the plungers and everyone who came out,” Langdon says. She was very pleased with the dedication of the volunteers. However, she says, there were less plungers this year (74) compared to last year (89.) However, some of the plungers brought in large sums.  One, the Plunge Queen, Michele Dees, brought in $1800. Another followed close behind with $1700.  In spite of there being 15 less plungers, the Plunge itself brought in only about $1,000 less than last year.,

Unfortunately, there weren’t as many business sponsors this year, says Langdon. The live auction also didn’t raise as much money.

Nonetheless, Langdon is pleased with the event. It was a beautiful sunny day, she said and the Discovery Museum was brought to the community’s attention. She hopes that this leads to good things.

Unfortunately, the money raised didn’t meet the goal, the museum had set. “Financially, we still have our challenges,” Langdon admits. She is looking forward to recouping some of the losses at Pal Camp, a summer event for children held in Freshwater.  Fundraisers for the Discovery Museum are trying to come up with creative ways to use that event to bring in some money. They are also pursuing grants.  “We’ll be fine through the summer,” Langdon says. “We’re very positive.”  Fall though, she says, is “crunch time.”

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