Naked Woman Arrested Again…and Again

According to the Eureka Police Department, Marissa Carlson was arrested on March 7th, for wearing only a bra and she was arrested on Sept 13 completely naked.  In fact, Carlson appears to have been one of the people most arrested last year.  She shows up about number 30 on the list LoCO compiled of 2012 “Frequent Flyers.”

Eureka Police Dept. Press Release:

On 3-7-2013 at about 7:13 pm, officers with the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of 3rd and M Street for an indecent exposure call. Officers were advised that a female was at this location wearing only a bra. While officers were responding, they were updated that the female was now nude. 

Upon arrival, an officer located the nude female in the roadway. The female, later identified as Marissa Nichole Carlson (23 years old of Eureka), was standing in a rigid manner and displayed objective signs consistent with drug influence. The officer attempted to speak with Carlson, in an attempt to evaluate her medical and mental condition. Carlson refused to speak and clenched her fists. Due to Carlson’s aggressive and irrational behavior, combined with the safety hazard of her standing in the roadway, the officer attempted to detain Carlson. Carlson struggled with the officer, but was soon detained, with the assistance of other responding officers. 

While Carlson was being handcuffed, officers located a hypodermic syringe in her hand. It was later determined that Carlson had the syringe in her fist at the time she was contacted and she had assaulted the officer with it during the struggle. The officer sustained a needle scratch across his upper shoulder. 

Carlson was not injured during the struggle; however City Ambulance was summoned to the scene to check for medical issues regarding her drug influence. She was transported to St. Joseph ER for medical clearance for booking into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF). Carlson was later booked into the HCCF on charges of assault on a police officer, resisting, and being under the influence in public. She was also booked on an active felony warrant for her arrest. Carlson is being held on $100,000 bail. 

On 09/13/2012 Carlson was the suspect in the following press release issued by the Eureka Police Department.

On 9-13-2012 at about 10:56 am, an officer with the Eureka Police Department was traveling eastbound on 5th Street at the 1100 block, when he observed a naked female subject standing on the north curb acting irrationally. The officer attempted to contact the female to evaluate her medical and mental condition. The female exhibited objective signs consistent with drug influence. Other officers responded to assist. 

During this contact with the female, she became combative and attempted to assault officers with items covered in bodily fluids. Officers were able to restrain the female on the ground and City Ambulance was requested to the scene to further assist in evaluating the female’s condition. 

While awaiting City Ambulances arrival, the female attempted to thrust her head into the pavement. Further restraint became required. 

Upon the ambulance personnel’s arrival, the female began spitting at the officers and ambulance staff. One officer and one ambulance staff member were hit by the spit. 

Once the female was restrained on a gurney, the female was transported to St. Joseph ER for evaluation and also treatment for minor abrasions from her thrashing about on the pavement. 

This is an open case and charges of assault on emergency personnel and resisting arrest will be sought. 



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