Bird in Space and Time

Local photographer Riley Quarles works with space and time in his creations. He explains, “With this image I wanted to stop time at four different moments, and then recombine those moments into one….Anyone who has visited the local wildlife sanctuaries has seen these wonderful birds as they hover like kites on the wind, then drop onto their prey in the grasses. This image is a kind of ‘waking dream’ about how the White Tailed Kite descends from the sky. The series of four photos were taken during a morning walk at the Arcata Marsh in early December, and were digitally composited later that day in my studio.”

Riley is an award-winning photographer that enjoys discovering wilderness, whether walking through town or out in the wildlife sanctuaries.

His latest photographic series plays with altering the perception of space and time, and blurring the lines between what is real, and what could be real. Many of Riley’s photographs are composites of several photos taken within seconds of each other, digitally sliced apart, then recombined into a single image, telling a new story, different from the tale that any of the individual photos could have told.

To see more of Riley’s photos, visit his website here:

[Take the time!  You’ll love his work!]



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