Big Rig Stuck (Again!) between Alderpoint and Zenia

Photo provided by Marty Messenger.

UPDATE 3:34 P.M.:Zenia Bluff Rd is now open! Marty Messenger says the truck is out of the way.

UPDATE 2:03 P.M.: Marty Messenger of County roads says that recovery of the truck is going slower than expected.  He believes it will be closer to 3 P.M. before the road is open.

UPDATE 1:38 P.M.: Updated with photo from Marty Messenger.

UPDATE 12 Noon: Bridge won’t be cleared until between 1 and 2 P.M. according to Marty Messenger of County Roads.


The CHP dispatch shows that a big rig has once again gotten into trouble between Alderpoint and Zenia.  The truck’s trailer is hanging off of Little Dobbyn Creek Bridge. Oddly enough, this time the truck was headed east. 

Marty Messenger of Humboldt Co. Roads says that “a couple a month” end up in trouble out there–usually headed from east to west.  The problem is, he says, that “gps shows [it] as a major highway.”  He has worked with the Trinity County roads department and they have posted a sign on the Zenia area saying the road isn’t recommended for big rigs however the trucks continue to attempt the tiny crooked road. 

“The Highway Patrol tried to get something done,” Messenger says but so far nothing has stopped the frequent issues.  “It’s a pain in the neck.”  And now, he says with this truck headed east “we’ll have to post signs from this direction.”


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